Canadian Bullmastiffs

At Canadian Bullmastiffs, breeding pure-breds is not a hobby or a side-job. We observed the Bullies as an ailing breed, subject to more cancer and dysplasia than is acceptable. We decided to do something about that.

We are a registered breeder with the Canadian Kennel Club (and American Kennel Club). It took 3 years to build our kennel and raise our dogs to maturity. We chose our initial stock from Champion Bloodlines with no history of health issues.

We have imported 2 new bloodlines from the UK and are currently looking at lines from elsewhere in the world.

The kennels are large and clean with heating and air conditioning,

We continue to learn more about this mysterious breed and become more familiar with its characteristics. It is a joy to place healthy pups into happy homes and at the same time, preserve the Bullmastiff Breed.

Read more about our breeding plan on the Our Dogs page.