The Adoption Process

Adoption ProcessAdopting a pup requires some careful thought and more consideration than selecting a pair of shoes at Macey's. You are bringing a living, loving, being into your home and family, with a lifetime of responsibility and mutual love ahead of you.

When you come to the conclusion that a Bully is right for you the adoption process begins with the Application Form. We love our puppies and we want to know that prospective parents have given the matter some real consideration and have asked themselves some of the right questions. Sometimes we may ask a few more questions. This isn't really a quiz or an approval process, but making sure that you are aware of what you are committing to.

When we are comfortable with your decision, we will notify you and invoice you for the initial deposit. Invoices can be paid with a Paypal Account, directly from your credit card, or an Interac eTransfer. Deposits are non-refundable - no exceptions. Upon receipt of your deposit, your name goes onto the Waiting List. We try to project when puppies will be due, but given the nature of the process, nothing is certain until the paws hit the floor. Deposits will be carried over to successive litters until a puppy is chosen.

When the litter is safely born, you will be notified of available colours and gender. If the timing is right for you, we will invoice you for a second deposit which puts you onto the Choosing List.

When the pups are about 2 weeks old, we will post some pics on the website and Facebook Group page and everyone will sigh and awe. They are pretty cute at that age but we don't start the choosing process until they are at least 6 weeks old. Choosing order is according to the date of the original deposit, with one exception. People who want show quality pups may pay a $400 premium for 'pick of the litter' status.

When the choosing begins, you will be invoiced for the balance of the purchase price plus the delivery charges. We also send out the Non-Breeding Agreement, which must be signed in triplicate and sent by snail-mail to us before the delivery date.

We then contact everyone who's pups are flying and determine a single day that everyone can receive their pup. At the current rates, delivery ranges from $450-$550 depending on your nearest Air Canada location . A separate delivery date bears an additional fee of $250.