Canadian Bullmastiffs

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About Bullmastiffs

This video will give you a good overview of the Bullmastiff breed.

Rare is the family once belonging to a bullmastiff that is willing to be without one again!

The bullmastiff is a large breed dog with great loyalty and is very affectionate. The breed is very courageous and intelligent like no other dog I've encountered. It has a large head with its black mask and ears. Its short neck and stocky build makes the bullmastiff look very much like a mean bully. The bully is not a rare breed by any means but you won't see one on every street corner.

The bullmastiff thrives in a family unit on love and being one of the family members. You would be hard pressed to find a dog as loyal as your bully. The bullmastiff loves children and senses their innocence. They will endure abuse from a child that they would never tolerate from adults. They also sense the elderly and disabled. Don't ask me how but they do.

The Bullmastiiff takes its role as a family protector very seriously! The bullmastiff will gladly accept your friends, a stranger will be scrutinized, and any illegal intruder will have a whole lot of big dog to worry about.

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