Health Guarantees


I will start by stating that the word “Guarantee” is somewhat of a fallacy in terms of living entities. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow and that includes your puppy. There are a few promises we can make though.

Every step has been taken to insure your puppy’s health, from before conception until the moment his/her paws are in your hands. The parents were chosen from reputable breeders and champion bloodlines. To us, the word champion means more than fancy ribbons and trophies on the shelf. It means that this pooch has been given the best care and closest health scrutiny. Breed conformity and registered bloodlines are the best indicators of clean genes. Nobody is immune to disease, but we have deliberately minimized the risks.

Your puppy will have had all of his first shots and at least 3 deworming treatments. Puppy will have been to the vet within 72 hours prior to the adoption and will have health certificates to attest to puppy’s good health. If within 72 hours of your taking possession, you suspect health issues and a licensed veterinarian confirms poor health, Canadian Bullmastiffs will replace the puppy or refund the purchase price, less delivery fees, once puppy is returned to the kennel along with registration papers. Beyond 72 hours no cash refund will be issued.


Contingent on medical examinations no more than 6 months apart, puppy is guaranteed to one year of age (12 months), against any severe and or life threatening congenital heart or health defect (a defect so extreme that surgery is imminent for survival). Should such a defect occur, buyer must verify same to us with a medical report from a licensed veterinarian. In this event CanadianBullastiffs will replace the puppy.


Similarly, puppy is guaranteed to two years of age (24 months), against congenital hip dysplasia. Likewise, should such a defect occur, buyer must verify same to us with a medical report from a licensed veterinarian. In this event CanadianBullastiffs will replace the puppy.

In the event of such a replacement, CanadianBullastiffs will bear the delivery cost of the new puppy. The buyer will bear the cost of returning the original puppy.

CanadianBullastiffs will bear no responsibility for non-congenital illness or incident. It is the buyer’s responsibility to monitor and regulate puppy’s health and diet after delivery. The Bullmastiff is a large breed. Please don’t lose sight of the fact that for at least the first 24 months he/she is a puppy, growing and developing like any other puppy. Your puppy will just happen to be over 100 pounds at some point. Don’t let puppy get overweight and no leaping tall buildings or from high perches. This can cause serious damage to developing bones – which will not be covered by this agreement.


In a nutshell, CanadianBullastiffs will deliver to you a certified healthy puppy with as much care as possible to eliminate genetic problems. We allow a certain amount of time for any genetic flaw to become evident. Beyond that, life has no guarantees for you or me or your puppy.

For the life of the dog, if your circumstances become such that you can no longer care for your dog, we will gladly receive puppy back to be rehomed. Under no circumstance is the dog to be taken to a shelter or unnecessarily euthanized. For this purpose our name remains on the registration as secondary owner. If the registration is ever transferred to a third party, they will be required to sign a similar agreement.

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