For those who cannot visit . . .

When you pull into the drive, the first thing you will see are the two large exercize parks and possibly some bullies romping and playing. They each get some time in the park every day.

You probably will arouse their interest and they will beg you for some attention.

Please don't open the gate, no matter what they try to tell you.

In this photo you can also see one of the three housing units.

This is the largest of the housing units.

Each dog has their own personal space that gets visited (and cleaned) every day.

All three units are climate controlled - heated in the winter - air-conditioned in the summer. They are part of the family. The pack is too big to all be in the house at once but they earn and deserve the same creature comforts as the two-leggers.

This is the third housing unit. As the pack has grown, we have had to enlarge the facility. It has become a small town. The fourth (and last Terry) unit is under construction.

A closer look at the shelter in the park. Just like you and I; sometimes an exercize area is just another nice place to rest in the shade with your favourite bowl of water. "Fetch? You fetch."

The largest unit houses the two leggers. At puppy time it becomes the maternity ward and then the nursery. When it isn't puppy time, the other dogs get to come in and socialize two at a time.