Canadian Bullmastiffs

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Our Dogs

When it was time to add to our bloodlines, we became aware of just how many North American bullies have shared ancestors. We had a look at the dogs in Britain and the timing was right for puppies from two excellent bloodlines. Thus began our Bull mastiff breeding program for the betterment of the breed.

Socialization is part nature and part nurture. Our dogs are part of the family. If it were practical, they would all live in the house. (There's a scary picture). Except at puppy time, they all get their turn, two by two, in the house with the two-leggers. At puppy time, that privilege is reserved for Mama and her Newbies.

When they are not in the house with us, they are in their climate controlled kennel. Each day the dogs are engaged and turned loose in the 2 acre dog park.

We chose our initial stock from Champion Bloodlines with no history of health issues. Those ribbons are much more than eye-candy and bragging rights. They are an indication of the level of care and selection in the ancestors.

When we choose their food, quality trumps price. A balanced diet keeps the coats shining, the bones strong, and the immune system on top of the game. Everyone should have an annual physical examination. Have you had yours? Each of our dogs is to the vet a minimum of once per year for a check-up.

  • The foundation of
    our breeding program:

    Bull Mastiff Puppy

    Clint's Parents

  • Bull Mastiff Puppy

    Max & Mercedes

  • Bull Mastiff Puppy

    Penny's Parents

Max & Mercedes:

Maximus and Mercedes have given us some great litters exuding excellent health and breed conformity. Some of their pups are also looking good for the breeding program.

McClintock (Clint):

We could not have imagined a better choice. Clint's father's name is "CH FERDHU HOOCHI COOCHI MAN" (Flint). For starters just Google his name. Then have a look at the Ardhub Kennel. Top Kennel 2011 & 2012. Among their accolades: Top Stud dog 2010 & 2011 - Clint's papa.

His mother is "Sevenrivers Miami tide" with parents from Copperfield Bullmastiffs - "The Oldest Surviving Bullmastiff Kennel In The World.", established in 1947 and Sevenrivers Bullmastiffs who are not without their own line of champions.


Penny also has some roots from Copperfield, as well as Flintstock, owned by Janet (and Alex) Gunn, author of the acclaimed "Pet Owner's Guide to the Bullmastiff". The Gunns have been breeding Bullmastiffs since 1985, and it shows in their dogs and ribbons and progeny.

Champion Bloodlines

Our dogs come from long lines of champion pure-bred Bullmastiffs. Our goal is to breed more champions for showing, but our first priority is to enhance and maintain the breed. Perhaps you too can have one of these beautiful, (almost human) bullies to love and to show.

If you are looking for a quality and true champ of the breed, and a loyal devoted best buddy, contact us because your next best friend could be right here at . . . CANADIAN BULLMASTIFFS!!!

Besides receiving a new family member to love and adore you, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that your puppy was born out of a process to rescue the breed. The Bullmastiff gene pool in North America is getting pretty shallow, as can be seen by the advancement of sickness and disease in the breed. To help turn this problem away, we have taken great care to select our breeding stock and have begun to import bloodlines from abroad to rejuvenate the breed in North America.

Each of our dogs has multiple champions in their direct ancestry. We are very pleased to announce, that for the betterment of the Bullmastiff Community in North America, we have imported two new bloodlines from the UK. They have excellent Pedigrees and are a welcome addition to our kennel.